The panic before handing in the bachelor thesis

In the final phase of their studies, many students go through an emotional roller coaster: they make high demands of themselves and their performance. Student life, too, takes its toll

Millions Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a very secretive activity, which is also enveloped by the touch of the mysterious, perhaps even the forbidden. The media are looking forward to an exciting topic. From

Write a doctoral thesis – is that possible?

A doctoral thesis is a large project that often takes years. No wonder many PhD students come up with the idea of ​​being helped – but not all kinds of

Many helpers, but hardly any help with scientific work

If you work scientifically, you will find a large number of publications that describe exactly how the individual work steps are to be managed. This is not always helpful. It

Data management in scientific work

Data management within scientific work today is more than compiling literature lists or mastering office applications. Computers take a variety of tasks from today’s scientists. This is especially true for