Many helpers, but hardly any help with scientific work

If you work scientifically, you will find a large number of publications that describe exactly how the individual work steps are to be managed. This is not always helpful.

It becomes problematic, for example, if the books are too abstractly written or if there is not enough time for reading and implementing the advice;

Even the best guidebook on scientific writing can not provide an assessment of a concept or textual content. He can not show what needs to be improved in this specific case. He will not bow to the text critically and he will certainly not be able to tell the reader what literature is missing in the paper.

Counselors are useful if the basic structures of scientific work are to be learned or deepened In another words, students can ask about help how to write an essay for me . However, anyone who needs critical feedback on his or her ideas or text, or seeks opportunities to incorporate the experiences of other authors, who needs help with statistical formulas and analysis, will not be able to do without expert advice.

The fact that ghostwriters write is clear from the term.

However, it is less well known that they are often able to independently research material that they review or round off scientific texts. In practice, however, it does occur frequently: not every client needs a complete text, but he may just want to take a look beyond his own field of expertise or gain an overview of the complex, constantly expanding research landscape.

This is legitimate and ethical to represent, as long as the ghostwriter created texts are not used for testing purposes.

In this way, scientists and non-fiction and specialist authors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge gradually and purposefully, without having to undertake the tedious work of pre-research: ghostwriters create on request also summaries of books or scientific essays, the reading of the one or other customers difficult or too time-consuming.

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