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Ghostwriting is a very secretive activity, which is also enveloped by the touch of the mysterious, perhaps even the forbidden.

The media are looking forward to an exciting topic.

From time to time there is time to devote to ghostwriting. In the middle of June, the ghostwriter report (previously published in the magazine “Zeit Campus”) was published online.

Unlike some other ghostwriting reporting that deliberately seeks scandals and sensationalism, the article takes on a more sober tone, highlighting various aspects of the topic: the nature of the service, the legal side, and the structure and appearance of the providers , some of which have a sophisticated network of companies.

In particular, the discrepancy between the legally barely vulnerable situation of ghostwriters, their “cheeky” advertising campaigns, which often turn to term combinations such as “bachelor thesis write” turned and the low probability that students who submit a work created by the ghostwriter, while striking, gives cause for concern.

The contradictions are most evident in an interview:

For example, Michael Hartmer of the Hochschulverband condemned the ghostwriters as “arrogant”, imputing many students with an “academic muddle mentality”, only to arrive at a very sobering result. Thus, it is the task of the universities to prevent plagiarism or data counterfeiting: “In writing written by ghostwriters qualification work,” said Hartmer, “but they are largely powerless.”

The reason for this is that in most cases, the work was technically adequate to the requirements, that is, has a corresponding scientific level and takes into account the necessary formalities.

Even within the professorship, a possible ban on ghostwriting is controversial, as it can hardly contribute to a change in current practice.

In addition, it would have to be formulated legally clean. Only in this way could a distinction be made between legal services, such as those provided by the scientific service of the German Bundestag, and the illegal section. It seems that the current system makes it very easy to cheat – and get away with it.

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