The panic before handing in the bachelor thesis

In the final phase of their studies, many students go through an emotional roller coaster:

they make high demands of themselves and their performance. Student life, too, takes its toll here and there. No wonder that time and energy have been used up at some point.

At the beginning the task seems easy: For the 30, 40 or 50 pages to be written, several months are available.

No wonder, then, that students who have acquired various techniques of procrastination during their studies push the work ahead of them again: What looks very calculable and calculable on the calendar, namely the days, weeks and months, appears in reality as one endless presence: The shopping, the pub, the cinema, cleaning the kitchen or a new Facebook message push forward and want to be done first. After all, there are still a few weeks left to research and write the bachelor thesis. Time flies…

At some point, as the experience teaches, a point has been reached where the early deadline will generate sufficient pressure – hectic work begins, bibliographies are created, pages are copied and flown over. But what happens if it turns out that the many hundreds of copies contain hardly any useful material, if the concentration wears off after a few paragraphs, because the texts were written in an incomprehensible and deadly academic style?

At this point, some students, in a desperate search for ways out, are starting to think about using a ghostwriter to save work – or even write it completely.

This is possible in many cases. But who comes too late, which makes it difficult for an experienced ghostwriter, if in a few days to afford what the student has failed for months. Anyone who would like to be helped at work, be it by designing a meaningful structure, searching for a literature or researching, should seek support at an early stage. The work is then developed in dialogue and can be designed exactly according to the wishes of the customer.

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